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There once was a lovely shrubbery,

Whose leaves were all luscious and rubbery,

But the prodigal grower

Was a maniac mower

And the shrubs were all suddenly stubbly.



Sigmund Schmidt could not be beaten

in the sausage selling game

His shop in central Stuttgart

was of sausage selling fame

And it was so successful

it was where the famous came

To purchase lots of sausages;

THE BEST WURST was its name.

And they purchased lots of sausages

and took them to their carriages

to carry to their cottages and ate them every one.

But Sigmund Schmidt got bored and then

he took up the accordion

so he didn’t give a schnitzel that the sausages were gone.


Michael’s bicycle was a falsification.

He insisted it existed, but this was mistaken.

(the vehicle in question was merely suggestion

- with compliance reliant on substance ingestion).



a SAW from a woodmill came free

And came SOARing just like a Frisbee

The danger was great

i SAW it too late

Now im SORE where my leg used to be!

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